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What is the purpose of this website

Our website, www.beware.org, at its basic level, is a website that provides an open and public forum for free speech. More specifically, it is designed to be a forum for individuals (honestly and accurately) to post about their experiences with goods and services provided by individuals and/or companies. We call these postings “Alerts.”

A vast majority of the Alerts on our website are complaints about being cheated as a consumer in some form or fashion. In this way, we are a truth platform because, through the Alerts, we are allowing consumers to educate other consumers about potentially faulty goods, bad service, and/or potential scams. Some individuals will even use the site to warn others about individuals who have, in the Authors eyes, commit some bad acts. The Authors of the Alerts are required to create a free profile, and fill out a form with their contact information, including checking a box certifying what they are posting is true, to make their Alert. Once the Mods have reviewed the content for prohibited content (financial information, social security numbers, foul language, etc.) then the Alert gets posted and becomes searchable via search engines such as Google.

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