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Security of your personal information

Before you register for an account you are always encouraged to review the Terms of Service and the website’s Privacy Policy. While the specifics are contained within those two policies (and you should read them) Beware.org strives to keep its user’s information confidential and won’t just hand over identifying author information just because they are asked for it. However, Beware.org is not immune from the legal system which means that we are subject to subpoena. Further, to the extent that you have opt-in (which is encouraged) for communications from us, attorneys, investigators, etc., who may be researching more information relating to what you posted we may send you a communication or may provide that party with your contact information. Similarly, as outlined in the Terms of Service, we may choose to, within our discretion, assist government agencies conducting legitimate investigations, with identifying information regardless of whether or not you have opt-in.

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