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Removal of Editing of Alerts

If we had even a single dollar for every time we are asked to remove an Alert or subsequent posting, it’s entirely possible that we would all be sitting on a beach, on our own private island, somewhere a lot more tropical than the lovely desert oasis here in Arizona! However, as enticing as that sounds, that is not what we do here so we keep on working the more traditional way. Here are the facts:

    1. No Removal. Beware.org has a general policy against Removing Alerts in their entirety. If you ask us to removal an Alert, the answer will be “NO”. The website’s Terms of Service are very clear on this issue and you agreed to those Terms when signing up for a User Account and before you submit the subject posting. This also applies to any later “settlement agreements” that you enter into with the other party. Just because you enter into some kind of an agreement to remove it doesn’t mean that you can now ignore the Terms of Service that you agreed to.
    1. No Editing. Once an Alert has been written and submitted, that Alert is “As Is” meaning that you can no longer make material edits or other material modifications to the subject Alert. While we may allow corrections for misspellings or grammatical mistakes through a submission to the Customer Service and Support Department, you should make sure that everything you type is appropriate, accurate, and complete before you hit the submit button. Your failure to do that is NOT our fault.
    2. File an Update. If you are looking to materially edit your Alert, you can always, for free, email us to correct erroneous information, submit additional information, or explain how the circumstances have changed and/or otherwise been resolved. If you have resolved a matter with a business…let the consumers know how that business took care of you! After all, we all make mistakes, and misunderstandings happen.

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