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Editing done by Beware.org staff

When it comes to material content and information written by someone other than Beware.org Staff, we do not edit or otherwise alter that content. The author is the one that generates the title of the Alerts and the content therein – so go ahead and speak your mind – within the guidelines of the Terms of Service of course. We want the information to be as raw, unedited, and straight from the source as possible. Assuming the author sticks to the guidelines, there should be nothing for Beware.org Staff to have to edit/redact.

Our staff will, however, make editorial adjustments, where needed, which could include updating a posting in a non-material way such as grammar or spelling if requested by an author, deleting repetitive information in the title that may be caused on accident by mechanical entry, and/or redacting information that is found to be in violation of our Terms of Service or otherwise against one of our policies. Similarly, Beware.org Staff may also enter their own Editorial Comment that may explain a particular situation (such as information relating to redacted content or responding to people who try to put Beware.org on blast for some reason) but those kinds of editorial inclusions are very clearly marked so that they are not confused with the author’s original content.

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