The literacy clause


Being that this is a free-speech complaint platform, we’re all here to read what others have to say and share, and add some alerts and content of our own. It should be common sense that how we write our posts reflects on ourselves, as well as either invites others to read our posts, or informs them of the information that we posted.

Spelling and grammar are important on the internet, since it’s the only way people get to know you. Hopefully you would rather come off as an intelligent and rational person rather than an uninformed troll looking to post absolute bullshit.’ This isn’t AOL, a chat room or a text message; shortening word such as “you”, “though”, “you’re”, “what”, and “are” into short truncated text such as “u”, “tho”, “ur”, “wut” and “r” make you look like an idiot. It also makes your post harder for other members to read, as well as lowering the collective IQ of the users at this website. Aside from all of that, the amount of time you “save” with such AOL speak is negligible.

Nobody is asking you to be a human dictionary, or spell perfectly all of the time – everyone makes mistakes. We are, however, asking you to put an effort into making good, quality, and easily readable alerts. Be honest, frank and speak your mind. But please do so in an adult fashion. As they say in Britain, don’t be a chav.

The Clause

* Don’t use short truncated or single letter representations of words. It doesn’t save you any time, it just makes you look stupid. Write out the word completely if you have something to say.

* Use punctuation. Even a 13 year old should be capable of at least using periods and commas, and capitalizing – the most basic forms of punctuation. Nobody wants to read a post that spans half a page without a single period or comma.

* Try to use paragraphs in long posts. This isn’t hard, and you’ve no doubt done it in school. It makes reading your whiny half page thread about how your mom is so unfair that much easier to read.

* Posts or alerts containing “AOL speak” or other silly truncated text will be subject to being edited, deleted or unapproved.

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