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Kingpin Of Child Talent Scams

Being a parent of a young and aspiring son who’s been fond of acting since he was 4 years old, i never thought i would feel so harassed and ashamed as a parent. I never knew this industry had scammers like Michael Palance who only care about money and not a child’s talent or potential. After spending thousands of dollars if i still cannot see my son progressing and getting a chance to showcase his talent, i don’t understand what will it take to get him to prove himself. I understand that its extremely tough to get a good role or a chance to work in a movie or tv show, but people like Michael Palance and Companies like Premiere Event are simply into the business of extortion and taking advantage of parents like me. I have been reading a lot of stories in the news these days about how parents of starstruck kids are being warned about talent agencies who charge high fees and make big promises. Premiere Event has been under fire recently for hard sells and high fees for very little return.

Premiere regularly refers to Disney in its sales pitches and plugs the attendance of young Disney Channel stars at its events, however the business is not affiliated with Disney at all. Despite this, much of the Premiere sales material implies that the young talent the company recruits will get their foot in the door of the lucrative Disney brand. Additionally, it’s been reported that many of the young hopefuls attending these sessions are being pressured into paying for expensive acting classes and portfolios that cost thousands of dollars.

I have seen an increase in parents wanting to sign their kids up to talent agencies and at the same time a sharp increase in audition and casting scams that can see parents shelling out money for very little return. Parents out of love for their children don’t realize how scammers and frauds tend to leverage that and mint money out of this whole process.

Premiere Event promises the world, charges extremely high fees and will convince you that they will make your child a star, but please don’t waste your hard earned money and your child’s valuable time and efforts with scammers like Michael Palance. They themselves are extremely good at acting that they con innocent people like us ands show us big dreams at the cost of sabotaging our child’s future and talent.

Premiere has been extremely clever with the way they market themselves and how their ads are worded. They aren’t actually affiliated with Disney but it reads like they are. Premiere’s over-the-top promises have effected and impacted so many children’s future and acting career, so many of my friends i had recommended Premiere to, are also regretting because of the horrible experience they’ve had.

I have made several complaints to the authorities, also talking to the media to bring this scam to light so that no other parents fall prey to the vicious and dangerous scam and nexus of Michael Palance. I have lost faith in talent agencies, seeing my son not being able to even get a chance is really depressing and disheartening, please consider this as a warning to parents of all kids who are aspiring to showcase their talent. STAY AWAY FROM MICHAEL PALANCE AND PREMIERE EVENT.

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