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Srinivas Oddati the CEO of Everus is a total scumbag. Trust me. I know people who work for him. Liar, cheat, ponzi manufacturer, racist (hates the chinese and malays, doesnt trust them) he is indian from india living in malaysia with no work visa, no taxes paid. has a few companies and owes the govt a heck of a lot of money on taxes including the customs for GST (those familiar with malaysian laws).

According to my friend who unfortunately happens to work for him, he is withholding their pay for the last 3 months to ensure they dont run away. both in india and in malaysia. yet he runs around with his wife and dog in expensive suits and SUV. lives in high class apartment with VERY VERY TIGHT SECURITY so that no one kidnaps him or his wife.

Average pay for his staff is $400. how do you expect any loyalty or quality???????

most of the staff on his website have left. conveniently did not update.

He purposely hired a drug addict white face to front the coin. his company everus technologies is only made with the objective to con people.
the so called indian vip in the website is a relative from his wifes side….. PLEASE EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THEM, DONT INVEST A PENNY!!!! ABSOLUTE SCAMSTER and scumbags, their sole intention is to only fool their investors. beware!!!! they are already being investigated by the malaysian authorities for a crime their employee did.

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