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Acceptance of all rules on this page is required to use this site. strongly believes in free speech. Whenever possible, we attempt not to moderate or censor individuals without reason or with any personal vendetta whatsoever.

The above being said, this is a private site. You are not entitled to anything. You do not have guaranteed rights. You have privileges. They can be removed at any time. Much like your favorite local bar, if you get too loud, obnoxious, or abusive, you will be bounced.

Responsibility –  You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted alerts and comments and actions. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this website, any related websites to this platform, its staff, and its subsidiaries.

Common sense internet  etiquette applies. This website contains its own set of rules and restrictions. They are spelled out in multiple links accessible at the footer (scroll down to see)

You are also expected to read the Site News. Important updates are posted within section. Remember, ignorance is not an excuse here.

Racism and Physical Threats – These are not permitted on Any content that we consider to breach this are subject to removal by our staff should we deem it appropriate to do so. The result will be swift (even when the person DOES NOT report it), no warnings.  Keep in mind, that threats (on any postings site-wide) of physical violence, stalking, or racism are not tolerated here under any circumstances. You can do better than that lame crap.

Personal Information – Members who attempt to post personal information about themselves do so at their own risks. This includes websites, e-mails, instant message account names, personal photos, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Explicit Content / Pornography – No posting of explicit content or pornographic pictures, avatars, videos, profile pictures, or outside links are permitted on this web site. Suggestive PG-13 is fine, but no specific nudity.

Content (including, but not limited to alerts and comments) containing purely explicit and overly descriptive pornographic stories in text form are subject to removal at any time. Any photo or video-related content is subject to the previous note above. We also reserve the right to take additional action on your account as we see fit in extreme cases.

Copyright Policy – Please refer to our copyright policy for more information.

Spam and Off-Site Links – Links to personal web sites (whether it is your site or a friends’), other forums, “good causes” or promotional links with referral or affiliate ids, etc. are forbidden and will be removed immediately. Spamming is not tolerated anywhere on this site, including (but not limited to) alerts and comments etc.

Examples of tolerated links: Posting an excerpt from a news story or some other article that might be relevant to the particular alert or comment. All other personal or “check this site out”-type messages are prohibited and considered as spam.

Images – When posting images, please consider adding them directly here as attachments or using a free hosting service such as Balls Go Here, Flickr, ImageShack, imgur, or Photobucket, with the relevant credit given in each case. Linking directly to images hosted on other sites can be considered as bandwidth theft and is not good practice, as any linked images can be changed or removed from the host site at any time, resulting in future broken links.

Duplicate Content – This is when you post successive comments or alert without. This is especially frowned upon if it’s a regular occurrence or within a short time of the previous submission.

Failure to comply with the above restrictions may result in the editing of the signature in question.

1) You are permitted to have ONE account ONLY.

If you need more than one, please contact us to let us know why. We have various methods of investigating this, so we recommend following this rule. If you do not, both accounts are subject to removal at any time. If you made a typo in your original name, then e-mail us before you make a new one so we know what you’re doing.

Site Concerns and Disputes –  If you have a problem with the site, site decisions and policies, or with a particular staff member you are to bring this to the attention of the administrators immediately and privately. While we welcome public opinion and suggestions on how to make our site a better place we expect you to directly contact us, through private means, about serious problems before running your mouth off. If this is not done, your content is subject to removal or editing by our staff to protect this website so the administration can take appropriate action if necessary. Please leave a reasonable amount of time for a response, as we get a significant amount of e-mail per day. It’s not unusual to wait 24-48 hours or more for a proper investigation and resolution.

This is only for extreme cases, we don’t mind taunting our staff in the appropriate areas or poking fun at the site in general (if you really search, we’re extremely open in this regard). However, there are limits to our patience and good times as far as accusations towards our site/staff are concerned. Alerts or comments are subject to removal or closure at any time.

…Final Words…

Just because something isn’t specifically spelled out as being against the rules on this page, doesn’t mean you won’t get into trouble because of certain actions. The site initially started with less than a handful of rules, but we expect that due to severe intolerance, we’re likely to expand the set of rules in the future. We do not like hearing “It wasn’t in the rules” or “I didn’t know”. Ignorance and stupidity are not valid excuses here. If you are unsure if something will get you in trouble, we recommend contacting us about it first. We reserve the right to update these rules at any time.

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