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Zuerich Sandra Weiss Warning before renting from this company! Zürich!!. Before renting here, there are many things I wish I knew. I hope this review will help others. Here are my main complaints: 1. The much advertised “Free glass fibre internet connection” only clocked at 5mbps and often dropped out during busy periods. This is in contrast to the usual 50-1000mbps you would expect with a fiber connection. When asking about it, I heard I would have to pay more, on top of the expensive rent, for faster speeds. 2. Communication as to what we needed to clean when we left the apartment was poor. As a result, we got hit with extra cleaning fees (on top of the 195CHF) we already paid. The company does not come by 1-3 days before you move out to tell you what you need to clean or fix, as per Swiss law. 3. Per number 2, we also lost $$ from our deposit due to some minor scratches in the apartment. I wish it was explained to us more clearly at the beginning what the expectation was. The moving out inspection lasted 1.5 hours, and the person doing it went over the whole floor with a flashlight, checked the sheets, and mattress, cupboards, etc..Again, that will likely happen anywhere you rent in Switzerland! 4. The bed, blanket, and towels are all cheap and not very comfortable. This is normal for long term furnished rentals, but it felt particularly bad here. Our bedroom was cold and the suggestion of buying an electric heater was met with fears of higher electricity costs. There definitely is a feeling of saving money, vs providing you comfort. 5. The building is a bit noisy. There is a music school in the basement. We often heard the sounds of the people above us, and some other tenants I chatted with also mentioned being bothered by the noise. 6. There was a mold problem in our apartment, to prevent it, you had to vent the apartment 2-4 times a day for 10 minutes, by fully opening the windows in the rooms. I felt like this made the windows more of a “mold prevention device” than something you would use when you just wanted some fresh air. Also, the landlord wanted to blame us instantly for the mold. Guilty until proven innocent. Another tenant in the building got a lawyer! Was Zuerich Apartments like “living like at home”? Nope. The landlord was more interested in being cheap, blaming us for minor damages, and taking away a large part of our deposit. Was there a glass fibre internet connection? I think so, and somehow they got it down to 5mbps! Innovators in frugality.

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