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08 September 2019

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I usually don’t like visiting the dentist because I have anxiety when I visit them. I usually prefer to go to the ones whom I know personally, but lately, as I had problems with my tooth I need to see a doctor immediately as I am new in the town I don’t know much about the dental clinics. So I did a Google search a bit and tried to find dental clinics which are near to my house and which is also included in my insurance plan. Zombek Orthodontics is located in Weston, Florida. I only decided to visit them because they had a good rating on the internet but later on I regretted the decision I made. Zombek Orthodontics claims that they are one of the best dental clinics in town who tends to serve with care so that they can live a healthy and clean life, they also claim to have one of the latest technologies and types of equipment to treat their patients so that their health can be insured. But since my last visit, all the claims the made have gone in vain because I don’t think they even tried to full fill what they commit. Their doctors were unprofessional and were so rough on me. They tried to charge extra for the services which I didn’t even receive. Because of these low-key peoples, I had to go through agony and pain and couldn’t do anything. It turns out that their people are responsible for handling the ratings online because they are the ones who regularly post positive reviews, not the genuine customers, or most customers has also told that Zombek Orthodontics will give you incentive if you are going to rate them positive online, they certainly did the same with me as well but I want to tell you guys that stop going there, they are just a bunch of fuckerys who will rip you off and will try to make their money without ensuring your health. My teeth were doing very well until I came here just for a regular checkup because I was facing some problems with it. On the first day of appointment as I was there for a regular checkup I was being approached by a guy, seems like a nice person to me at first but he started insisting me to buy one of his product which I don’t even need. Looks like it was a clear tactic by Zombek Orthodontics to make money from the pockets of customers. Later on during the checkup, the doctor was so rough at me and me uncomfortable and he was also unaware of what I here for. The doctor told me that I had periodontal disease with my teeth and so I had to get it treated immediately or else it will spread on to other teeth also, I was reluctant and didn’t say anything and told him that I need some time to think. Later on, I got to know there’s nothing wrong with my teeth and the doctor was only trying to make his money.

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