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Zitmy BEST MAGICAL SPELLS [email protected] Zitmy is a FRAUD Orlando Florida!!. Iu2019ve contacted her because I seen all her YouTube videos and I thought I will give her a try. She first quoted me a reading for $35. She then suggested that I get 2 different types of love spells. After paying her $350. She told me that I will get a picture of the spell once it was complete. It took her almost 2 weeks to receive it. The excuse at that time, the spell took a week to complete. But thatu2019s not what was originally said. After that, they stop communicating with me. I sent sooooooooooo many emails trying to give them the status of whatu2019s going on, but they never replied to my emails. I even tried calling the number that Zitmy called me from while doing my reading….. no answer. After reading somewhere else, someone else stated that when you start to dispute through paypal, she will immediately call back. So, I did. Guess what? I got a call within 30 minutes after. Crazy right? She said that the office called her and said to lift my spell because I wanted a refund. She said that my situation will be worst if I do that. She also said she had no problem returning money but reversing the spell has consequences. She gave me a sad story talking about the office is so backed up, etc…… So I was a bit scared about the consequences so I called paypal to drop the dispute……….. She promised me better communication, guaranteed results and all. Guess what, 2 months later, not a single result. You see once you drop the dispute, you canu2019t dispute it again. She knows that. She say that she want to follow up with her weekly to see how things are going just in case she have to go back in a make it stronger….. but you canu2019t get in contact with nooooooooooooooo one to get an appointment. They never answer their emails. I even once made a fake email pretending that I wanting service and they replied to that within minutes…… but not one of my 10 request for follow-up. They are only looking for new money. Once they get it, they throw you to the side. The 3 times I have talked to her, she keeps saying that she have no control of scheduling in the office. What do she mean? This is her business, so she have all control on whatu2019s going on in her business. Especially when it comes to abandoning the customers that already paid. Not one time has someone replied to my emails in 2 months. I had to catch Zitmy on her cell phone off guard to get a reaction. PLEASE DO NOT use this company. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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