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Zip Scanners

Zip Scanners PSI Systems, Inc (Possibly) Charged me double for a Mobile/vehicle scanner antenna order. Minneapolis Minnesota!!. Zip scanners charged me double for a Hustler vehicle scanner antenna, model # DAS-MRMBNC, I seen them 4 bucks cheaper, so don’t buy from them either. Look around the web, I found them 20 bucks to 25 bucks Zip Scanners price: $39.99 price: $35.95 price: $21.99 Best thing to do is compare prices on the same items/model numbers on the web or in person, depending where you live. I hope the price I paid is worth it, then I might not mind that much. But I was disappointed being first time customer that I got charged double price. Even emailed zip scanners and they refused some credit on my order.

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