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Zinstall winwin

Zinstall winwin Zinstall Winwin is a Fraud Internet!!. I ordered Zinstall in January after purchasing a new computer. Tried to migrate programs from old computer to new. Disengaged my firewall and antivirus. New computer could not find the old computer. Called customer support. Was told on the second call that I had refused tech support. I was not offered tech support on the first call. I was told that the would investigate and call me back. Call never came. Called back in a month and was told they were still investigating. Did I mention that I had completed and sent the diagnostic reports from my computer before the first call? I also contacted the payment company who wrote back that they forwarded my request to Zinstall. On July 16th, I received an email from Zinstall customer support that they received my email and would get back to me soon, a month later and no response.

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