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Zara | Change room policy

I was told repeatedly that I was not allowed to stay in the changing room area because I was not trying on clothes. The fact that I would be the person who would be paying for my daughters clothes did not matter. I was told to ask my daughters to go back into the store every time they tried on something different. It didn’t matter that I was helping do up back buttons, fetching items in different sizes, etc. One employee told me the policy is a theft prevention measure. Another employee told me that was not true. I was also told that this had been the policy since the store opened but I had never been told to leave the changing area in this store before. The store was not busy; maybe a third of the changing rooms were occupied so I don’t think it had anything to do with reducing crowding in the changing area either.I was harassed the entire time my daughters were trying on clothes. It was not a experience that I would like to repeat.

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