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ZAGG Inc – Terrible screen protector, warranty a scam! Ineffective screen protector fell off within a week; was placed by store personnel Nationwide!!. The Verizon store recommended the ZAGG Invisishield. The store employee put on the protector. The protector is adhered to the glass by a thin, less than 1mm line of adheasive. I could see it was not adhearing in the corners. The employee assured me it was “fine” and besides, I was protected by their lifetime warranty. The Invisishield stayed on about one week! It slipped between the cushions of the couch and when I pulled it out, the protector flew off. The protector is unscathed, but the adhesive is worthless after picking up microscopic dust! For $50 plus tax, I expected a MUCH better product! The protector actually seems to be a plain ‘ol plastic. I requested replacement under warranty; they charged nothng for the new shield but $9.99 for the shipping! AND you have to pay to ship back their defective product!!!! That will be around another $7.00. I suspect that ZAGG will take the replacement screen, clear the adhesive, re-apply and re-sell. I will make sure that does not happen by etching the screen. Don’t buy this! Don’t pay for their defective product replacement.

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