Zabde Ezra Ayienga

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Zabde Ezra Ayienga | Unethical Persona

I became a friend of Zabde Ezra Ayienga while I was a student at Thogoto Teachers College in 1988, where he was also a student. However, I lost contact with him when he traveled to Canada. I now note that a number of people have written complaints against Border Border Christian Fellowship and Zabde Ezra Ayienga.In my view, Ayienga destroyed my life. He slept with many ladies in the christian union (C.U )at College and was a very bad example for all people. He was a guy of loose moral and many times CU leaders had to rebuke him. It is my firm belief that Ayienga has not changed his way of life and is not accountable to anyone these days as he was not accountable to C.U leaders way back in the 1980’s. He has never been transparent. Be it known that I’am a 40 year old Kikuyu woman and can discuss my complaint in detail with any interested party. I have not been influenced by anyone else to write this complaint and do not personally know the previous complainants. I live in Nairobi, Kenya and can be contacted on 254-735237489.

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