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Z Motors Inc

Z Motors Inc YARON ZAFRIR ODOMETER FRAUD Hollywood FL!!. First of all the “cash” price they advertise online isn’t true. A $4600 car quickly jumps up to $6,600.00 because the “cash” price they advertised is “assuming” that you are putting down $2,000. So as you can see it’s a lie. Add a $600 dealer fee and taxes and such and that $4,600 car ends up being closer to $8,000 and that’s not counting the 27% interest if you finance; for a car that you can buy anywhere else for under 5k with cash. Now here’s the BIG ONE! I put a deposit on a car that had some issues they were going to fix before I decided to finance it. Thankfully, they said it would be ready the following day (which it wasn’t) so I had the time to research. It turns out this car that they advertised as having original miles was reported for ODOMETER FRAUD!! So instead of having 125k it was closer to 200+K!! I went back asking for my deposit and the owner, Yaron, refused. STAY AWAY from this place. By the way, I never signed anything stating that my deposit was non-refundable. As a matter of fact the only thing I signed was the credit card receipt and my copy also doesn’t say non-refundable. So I called my bank and disputed it and my $500 was returned. I also reported them to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and filled out a form for the DMV Motor Fraud department. Beware when you deal with these small dealers! Be careful what you sign and research the vehicle well if you choose to buy.Here is the link to the car: https://www.zmotorsinc.com/2007_Mazda_CX7_Hollywood_FL_22471833.veh VIN: JM3ER293570107812

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