You've Got Maids of Santa Monica

Lazy maids who skip days for no reason

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22 September 2019

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I am an employee in a reputed company and due to excess of work, I get no time to clean my house and wash my utensils. After searching for maids nearby I came to know that they are high on demand and were not available anywhere near my locality. I had no choice but to search for maids online and I was flattered by the webpage of You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica. They had a very pleasing webpage and it seemed that they recruited a handful of the experienced maid. I booked an appointment with the manager of the place.
I went to him within one hour and booked a maid for full-time work. I told him about the work that needed to be done. It consisted of cleaning and dusting all the rooms, washing clothes and utensils and washing my car every morning before I leave for office. I was ready to pay the money accountable for all this work. I booked a maid and completed the payment. The maid was supposed to come in from the next day.
Everything went well for the first few days and she came to know that I spend my time in the office most of the times, therefore she started skipping days and coming on alternate days. It didn’t come to my notice until one day I didn’t go to the office and noticed that she was absent. I called her but she didn’t receive the call. I called her several times but she didn’t pick up the call. I took a leave from the office the next day and didn’t see the maid again. She skipped for two days continuously. I called the manager and complained about it. The maid came regularly for the next week and did her work. Fortunately, I had CCTV cameras in my house and kept a note on her work now and then. I noticed that she wasn’t doing her work properly and she dusted rooms alternatively every day. She didn’t clean the utensils properly and was always busy on her phone. She didn’t know that I was checking on her. I met her the next day and told her to do the work properly or else she would be fired. She didn’t say a word and came to work the next day. She was again regular for someday and started skipping, it was now becoming annoying and I didn’t want to let her work anymore.
I gave the pending money and removed her from the job. It was disgusting to let the maid of You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica work in my house. She skipped days in between and was not a professional worker. She thought of being clever not working every day, not aware of the fact that I had been keeping an eye on her. The firm should replace the maids or else the company would be shut down by the negative reviews from customers like us. I would say that no one should hire maids from the You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica.

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