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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) UNSCRUPULOUS BUSINESS PRACTICES BY YOUR FAVORITE.COM unknown unknown!!. Apparently this company, has posted a pdf file concerning their small claims default judgement against me, Dr. Jeanne E. Stoughton and the company, Jennmaur. However, the fact is that this default judgement against me ( which also does not involve the company) was rendered by the Massuchusetts small claims court at a date where I could not possibly attend court as I was traveling in Europe. I also had properly informed the court of such facts by certified mail. All the various documents I sent in to support my defense to the Massachusetts court were completely ignored. Obviously no fair trial can be obtained for an out-of-state defendent where the Massachusetts court demands representation in person and the costs of attending the trial in person for an out-of-state defendent far exceed the costs of a small claims demand for $150. This company, attempted to extort money for the Jennmaur domain registration through their delay tactics and refusal to correctly designate the nameservers to the Jennmaur website after I had already paid them as resellers for a one-year domain registration renewal in the amount of $35. refused to do anything to correctly designate the nameservers and get the Jennmaur website operational again until I paid them an additional amount of $150 plus other amounts in fees for unnneccesary telephone tech support. However instead of paying their extortion I was able to correctly register the website domain and redirect the nameservers by making direct contact with the actual domain registrar and identifying myself as the owner of the domain name. I subsequently filed a complaint against with the BBB in Massachusetts. This BBB compaint was not published because (as well-versed lawyers) knew it was possible to file a small claims suit against me in a state where I neither reside or do business. The small claims lawsuit they filed and the pdf file of judgement they have published on the internet is an unfair attempt to discredit both me and the Jennmaur name without supplying a single document or fact in support of their case. I am happy to testify with hard evidence as to their unscrupulous practices to anyone who cares to contact me about this case. This company has additionally failed to respect their own stated privacy laws by intentionally publishing all personal information that they have obtained on me including all last known addresses and contact info and unbelievably all the names of my family relatives, living or dead. This type of internet publication constitutes intentional harrassment.

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