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Your Design Guys I hired Your Design Guys to create my website, they have not done so despite being paid in full. Saratoga Springs Utah!!. I hired Your Design Guys to complete my website May 1, 2018. After 15 months I still do not have a functional website. Yet they charged me for hosting this website for almost a year. I have paid them $7,640 with nothing to show for it. Never mind all the other associated cost that leave me out over $15k. The truly tragic part of all this, was this was a website that was meant to reign in government oppression of the people, and it was not going to generate any income. I donated all the money I could spare, and waste a lot time on this effort. Only to have it thwarted dishonest company. I would hire another design firm, but Your Design Guys took all my money under false pretenses. I can not afford to go elsewhere. I have reported this to the BBB. I will be reporting them to the Utah Consumer Protection DIvision. At this point point a full refund is in order. In addition, Dave has resorted to calling me “silly” because I said enough, and did not want to pay to host a non-functioning website. This tells me all I need to know about his character. His company strings me along for over a year, never completing the website. Takes $7,640 under false pretenses. Then has the nerve insult me when I say I do not want to pay $60 a month in perpetuity to host a non functioning website.

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