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They stole $1500 from me

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16 September 2019

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These bastards STOLE $1500 FROM ME! They are heartless monsters who feel no remorse for the misdeeds they do. Not only that but they also gave me a horrible treatment for a simple condition. I hate this place and I hope it burns down.
Spending a fresh and healthy life is everyone’s right. You spend a lot when it comes to your health. Oral health is also important and requires due attention. Your smile becomes the center of attraction for everyone. To care of this smile, you consult dentists and finding the best one is not easy. It requires a lot of research and experiences should be a part of this research. I made a mistake of choosing a dentist for myself without any research. Several customers have reported about the worst experience they had at Youngquist Kennedy Orthodonticsand they were badly disappointed by the whole team. Various customer review websites have also rated them poor in their services. I had the worst possible experience of my life all thanks to these bastards.
I feel awful while posting this review because I have been their customer for six months but the last two visits have made me regret my decision. They were doing fine but all of a sudden, the team entirely changed. My last visit gave me severe pain and swelling in my gums and I could not yell at the clinic. I thought it was because of the new dentist. The truth is, dentists at Youngquist Kennedy Orthodontics are ruthless now. All they have is a never-ending hunger for money. My last visit at Youngquist Kennedy Orthodontics was a few days ago when I literally could not take control over the situation and yelled at the dentist as well the receptionist. She was not giving me an appointment and after two days of pressure I built upon the clinic, I had the appointment. The gum pain and swelling were still there so I needed a cure to that. The dentist rather than curing me has given me an unbearable agony. He injected with something and called it a painkiller. It was more of a sleeping pill which made me sleep for two fucking days. I woke up this morning and my husband was weeping as if he lost me. I do not know what else the dentist did but I am still drowsy. The fucking bastards changed their payment procedure and made it online. I had to pay $500 for the visit but my bank statement shows a deduction of $1500. I have been calling the clinic since then and mailing them too but there is no response. I was not allowed to claim my insurance either. After this experience and reports from my close friends, I have made up my mind of never going back there.
Dental clinics like Youngquist Kennedy Orthodontics have no sense of responsibility. Even if you change the faculty, the least you could do is hire better ones rather than a couple fucking greedy dentists and an irresponsible staff.

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