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You Tube Charlie Chittenden, Charlie Chittenden is sneakily getting widows and widowers permission to contact their deceased loved ones through a unsuspected ghost box in the hopes of getting a million views for his You Tube and getting subscribers to post on Twitter, getting them in trouble with their families. San Bruno Calfiornia!!. I was watching a Charlie Chittenden does these videos where he speaks to deceased stars, who usually happen to be parents of living wrestlers, or just normal people, some of them are Radio Disc Jockeys, Wrestlers and Musicians, Politicians and TV and Movie Actors and then when I would watch it, it would upload and post to my twitter feed and Alan “Bud” Jackson daughter got mad at me, I didn’t post the video on her late father, it was Charlie Chittenden and You Tube, so I’m taking legal action to clear my name, letting anyone on here know, he is a fraud and gets off on getting other people in trouble, just so he can make a profit and get millios of views for his You Tube channel, if you see him doing more Celebrity Ghost boxes or many others unrelated to celebrities, report him to the site and report him, here. Thank you, for your time. D.W.Watkins, [email protected] Chicago, IL

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