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Yorkiepupsheaven.com Owner-Lucius Freeman

Yorkiepupsheaven.com Owner-Lucius Freeman I was going to buy two teacup yorkies from them. I sent them $1,196 Walmart to Walmart. And nothing has happened. He was supposed to email or call me with the flight info and hasn’t been in contact but one time to put me off. He was all over text and email and calling me, but once he got my money, I’ve only heard from him once and the dogs are supposed to be flown out tomorrow to me. He isn’t answering my call or texts or emails. Once he got my money, nothing has happened. He says he’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. Internet!!. We were looking for Teacup yorkies on the internet. We found yorkiepupsheaven.com So, we contacted them. We dealt with a man named Lucius Freeman. He seemed very nice, very available to us, returned our calls, texts and emails. We talked about a lot of things and dogs. He seems very detailed and genuine. So, I decided to go with them. I sent them $1,196 from Walmart to Walmart. And he said if I send the money that way, I could have the dog the next day or two. He also told me he would call me back with all the flight info of the dogs and what time they would be arriving in my town. Well, once he got my money, I’ve only heard from him once. He’s avoided my calls, texts and emails. The only time I heard from him, he said he was getting the paperwork together for their flight and would call me later on that day with the info. He hasn’t called and has avoided all my communications. So, basically, after he got my money, he’s been ghost, non existent. And no voicemail is set up on his phone. I went back to the Walmart to see if he picked up the money, and he did. So, I have been scammed. My daughter will be heart broken, because she was expecting the dogs, and I’m very furious my money was stolen and I was violated. I’m a single mother of 4 kids, and it puts a lump in my throats to think someone took almost $1,200 from me. It takes a lot of my job to make that kind of money. I’m so so upset, and can’t believe people can stoop so low to act like such evil people. I have Never don’t this on the internet and the one time I try, I get scammed. I will never do this again. So, do not buy any dogs from yorkiepupsheaven.com

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