Yes Communities, Village Park

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Yes Communities, Village Park

Yes Communities, Village Park Village Park. Allowed neighbors to continuously do what they want despite numerous complaints. Greensboro NC!!. I was sold a house in a neighborhood where the neighbors harass you if you are not “one of them.u201d Iu2019ve had numerous occurrences happen within this community only for the community manager to ignore calls and for someone in the office to have their back and to let them know when the complaint was made. The neighbors know I live alone so itu2019s open season all the time. I sent the community a list of things that have happened, installed a security system, taken pictures of damaged, and called frequently. Only to be told, ” I told them not to say anything to you.u201d Also for the neighbors to tell me, I called the office and I can do what I want because I pay rent. Mind you, I am a home owner out here with no rights. Have called Corporate three times, only for community manager to call and act concerned then. Only to also never have any resolution or peace either. This is the most HORRIBLE place I have ever moved to. I never had any problems with Any neighbors thus far. Save yourself time and money from these people. All they care about is money and being cool with certain people out here. They lack leadership skills and fairness. You will be extremely sorry if you move out here.

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