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Yarmouth KIA | Poor customer service and not living up to new car warranty

My parents purchased a brand new, only driven on and off the truck, KIA Spectra in 2006. They were very pleased with the customer service with this car when they purchased it, they had the car ready to go when they got there. That’s as good as it gets with this dealership. During the process of the sale, my parents had requested a cruise control for the car which had not come on the car at the time of the sale, they were then told to return at a later date and their mechanic would properly install it when it arrived. My parents took the car back for this appointment and were given a loaner to drive while it was being done. My parents live approximately 60 miles from the dealership where they purchased and had to return this car to for servicing. When they picked up their car after having had the cruise control installed, they drove the car home with no problems. The next day they headed out to a medical appointment that was approximately 55 miles in the opposite direction of this dealership. They drove no further than 35 miles when the car overheated. My father, having had ample experience with vehicles and used to performing his own maintenance on his other vehicles, pulled over to inspect what was wrong. When he looked under the hood, the mechanic had left a roll of black electrical tape under the hood on top of the motor, which had since melted and caused the car to overheat and ruin the radiator. He promptly visited a nearby radiator shop, hoping not to make any more damage to the car than had already happened. When he contact the service department manager at Yarmouth KIA he was told that they would look into it. After six months with no satisfactory ending, my father was requesting that KIA replace the motor for the car as they had been the ones to damage it and the service department felt that nothing was necessary, they paid for half of the new radiator he had had installed that morning and that was their idea of sorry. The car has had numerous problems since then that KIA in Yarmouth has refused to deal with, such as a seat belt that continuously locks on the passenger side, (which they have just told my mother that she’s too stupid to operate) a broken seat bracket on the drivers side, (which they have accounted to my father being a larger gentleman), a wind whistle in the driver’s door, and the list of problems with this car continues. My parents have since gone to another KIA dealership, in Bridgewater, NS to receive any kind of service whatsoever, and they have been slightly more accomodating to the needs of their clients, however the only service manager that they had there that would check into the warranty on my parents motor has been dismissed. I guess customer service and standing behind their products is the last thing on KIA Motors Canada’s priority list. My parents would not say a bad word about the car itself, as it has been a fairly reliable automobile, HOWEVER buyer beware if you plan on purchasing in Yarmouth and ever need to have something fixed under warranty. KIA does not value their customers who work so hard so they can profit from the sale of their autos.

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