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Yak Communications | Terrible Customer Service

It seems that there is always 16 people waiting ahead of me when I call the Yak customer service line. Whether I choose to activate a new service or report technical issues, there is always at least 16 people ahead of me and I usually hang up after 1 hour.I have still not been able to activate my travel card. The Yak welcome letter indicates that it will only take a few minutes before I can start “yakking” with the travel card, but after many hours of waiting on hold, I still have a card which is not yet activated.Also, Yak had a holiday promotion for new accounts. The promo promised 100 free minutes of long distance. Well, I signed up for a new account but I did not get 100 minutes of free long distance. After contacting customer service, they informed me that they were not familiar with the promotion… even after I directed them to the promo web page, on the Yak.ca web site.I am very sorry that I signed up with Yak. Now they have my information, my credit card details, and I can not get a hold of anyone.

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