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Xtreme Diesel LLC

Xtreme Diesel LLC Xtreme Diesel Ocala I had taken my truck to have some fender flares,up pipes, down pipe and hot side pipe installed Ocala Florida!!. Michael Thomes….. What can I say about this con artist. This man had my truck for 4 months and when i took it in, it ran great! (30k mi.) Every time I try and call he’s at the hospital. We called the hospital and he wasn’t there, he was a home. Finally after 4 months i flew down to get my truck. He’d had it long enough…. Go to pick it up it wasn’t running and had to be pushed out of the shop. Half the parts he wasnt even supposed to mess with were taken off and was just sitting in the bed of my truck. my EFI Live was stolen along with a custom white switch off the truck (He told me he must’ve lost it) and 2 of my fender flares were broken. (He blamed my step dad and he’s not even allowed in the shop) Now i’m still out of a vehicle and had to pay a towing company to take it to another shop just to get it running! This company is a COMPLETE scam and i cannot believe the state of Florida lets this man do this to people! The BBB or the Fl Dept. of Regulations needs to shut this place down. I’m sure he’s stole my good parts and replaced them with old used parts! It’s unbelievable! PLEASE shut down these scammimg con men. I’m sure to some extreme his wife helps him get away with this just because she a police officer, which isn’t right either!

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