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09 September 2019

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My car was hit by a rock one night while I was on my way to work. It, fortunately, missed my head but it destroyed the windshield of my car. I couldn’t even take money from the lunatics out there who threw the stone at my car.
I decided to call upon a genuine shield company who could come to my office and fix the problem by today only. I researched and found Xpress Auto Glass. I called the manager of the company and tried to fix an appointment for that day but they charged extra for the same day repair. I had no other choice because I didn’t want to drive a car with such damage. I agreed and made the payment online.
The manager informed me that the workers would call me for the exact location when they get near my location. It was all going good until it was getting too dark and I still couldn’t see the workers of the Xpress Auto Glass approaching. It was 9 pm and my office hour was over. I made a call to the manager to remind them about my appointment. The manager then told me that the workers were about to leave and hang up the call. He didn’t even apologize for delaying the appointment. My appointment time passed by half an hour ago and the workers left their shop when I made the call. I wondered what if I hadn’t called them up to remind they wouldn’t have sent the workers to my place. I waited for the workers to arrive. They finally arrived after 2 hours of my appointed time. They first measured my rear window and then did the cutting of the glass. It generally takes 20 minutes to do so but the workers were gossiping half of the time which took around 50 minutes to complete the cutting. They finally started fixing the window glass and the work was over by midnight. It was extremely cold out here and I couldn’t resist staying out for any time longer. They finally gave the final touch and completed their work. They left the place as soon as they could. I then got inside my car and opened the lights to check upon the quality of the car and I was shocked to see several scratches on the new window pane which made it look very ugly and noticeable from a distant.
I was disappointed by the work of the Xpress Auto Glass and called them immediately to come and change the glass but they denied straightaway and hanged up my call. I had to take my car to some other repair centre to clear out the mess they made. It was not what I expected from such a ‘reputed’ company. My recommendation is to stay away from such windshield repair centres, they don’t have any idea to do proper satisfactory work. The workers were inexperienced and worthless. I made a mistake but no one else should repeat the same mistake.

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