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XL Auto Group Addison Illinois Roman ,GM, and Mike ,sales manager, Sold me a vehicle that had proven pre existing problems Addison Illinois!!. Unfortunately, I would love to give a good review but I can’t. To be honest I have never even been compelled to leave a bad review until I experienced XL Auto. My fiance and I recently purchased an Mercedes ML63 from XL Auto to find that they will do anything to make the sale then do anything to “not” take any responsibility for a defective vehicle. We did by it site unseen and did put a great deal of trust in a dealership that obviously sells the highest levels of vehicles. At the beginning when communicating with Mike the sales manager that we were moving and looking to purchase the ML63 on a specific date and have it delivered because of the move. He sid that was no problem at all because the majority of their sales were to costumers in other states and that would not be a problem. He asked that we pay for the vehicle in full right away (which was 10 days before we wanted it) which we were ok with because we really wanted the vehicle. A day before delivery Mike contacted us to say there was a problem with delivery and that it could be done for the time he promised, he then promised it would only be a few more days, it ended up being 17 days over what he originally promised. The very first day we received the vehicle the back up sensors were malfunctioning and XL was informed to no solution. Within the next month a more serious electrical problem arose including shorting out the electronic transmission to which was finally diagnosed back to a leak in the back hatch which was pooling water on the wiring harness shorting out both the back up sensors and the electronic transmission.It was also diagnosed by the Mercedes mechanic that due to the amount of corrosion and scale built up on the wiring harness , that it was a long standing problem. When trying to contact XL about the problem they(Roman the GM) not only ignored us constantly but deflected and stated the problem was our problem and they were not responsible. They claimed that Illinois state law implied warranty only covers me for 15 days or 500 miles whichever comes first and that we paid for the vehicle 27 days before they even delivered it to us !!! that we were out of luck!! What???We didn’t even have the vehicle from them for 27 days because they made us pay for it earlier than we wanted it and they delayed the delivery for an extra 17 days after when we wanted it. I totally understand that there is some assumption of risk when buying a used vehicle, but if signs of a problem happens the second you give it to me and it is proven by mechanics to be pre existing, then that is the business’ responsibility. My advise to anyone buying a vehicle from XL Auto is get it inspected by someone other than XL. It will save you alot of embarrassment, frustration and of course alot of money, or just not buy from them.If this website can contact a investigative reporter from that area i would love to tell my experience to them.

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