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wyo tech falselified loans,lied about jobs and certifications ,missleading students,ruined credit and my life west sacramento California!!. yes wyo tech misslead me by telling me they would use the same loans i already took out the first time i attended but failed FIRST REQUIRED COURSE had to wait for classes to start up again to take course over.at that time wyotech told me by me signing loan documents again they would update my file but instead they took out double the amount of loans in my name just look at the dates so instead of taking out 4 loans they took out 8 tottal loans in my name fraudulantly and threatend me after aurguing with them .i figured if they were lieing the education department would have my back and protect me thsats there job i thought only to be forced in irs wage garnishments, homelessness, human assistance ,food stamps,and unemployed,drugs and crime&now ive been clean for 5yrs off probation and still have all this false debt hanging over me still & if i find employment irs is garnishing any wages i get becuase of this debt.i cant even get married to my fiance whos a disabled war veteran cause irs will garnish his income for my debts from this.being miss lead by this school was worse misstake ive ever made and forced me down a bad path scince.i thought id better my life with a carrer i loved in a feild i loved and was promised A.E.C certification only to find out jobs they promised with dealerships .DAVIS,CA TOYOTA DEALERSHIP MANAGER TOLD ME PERSONALLY ,”well dealerships hardly and rarely are ever hiring that there employeees 95%of the time are lifers so enless someone gets hurt or a new location opens up dealerships dont hire and they dont hire students who even graduate from wyo tech they dont consider it schooling education in automotive REPAIRS “.a toyota dealeship manager in davis told me that personly.& all the jobs the school promised were lies.the tearchers would waist hrs of classes doing role call&checking unifors every day&APPERANCEA CRITERIA “STUDENTS CANT MAKE SCHOOL LOOK BAD PUPLICLY REPRESENTING THERE COLLEGE AND THE SCHOOLS REPUTATION being a half time student at night .the teachers would just send us to goff around in shop to bad checking tools in/out with 34students took up any shop time with the time left.there was no time to learn in our books ever no wonderfaild.THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT WOULD CALL ME AND VOTHER STUDENTS OUT OF CLASSES AND HAVE US WAISTING CLASS LEARNING TIME WHICH WAS ONLY 4HRS -45MIN LUNCH =3 1/2 HR -1 1/2HRS FOR ROLL CALL AND APPERANCE CHECKS =2:30 HR CLASS TIME -SHOP DAYS -1 1/2HRS TO CHECK TOOLS USED IN SHOP IN AND OUT(CANT LEAVE ANTILL EVERY TOOL WAS ACCOUNTED FOR)-30-45MIN FINANCE DEPARTMENT WOULD HARASE STUDENTS DURING CLASSES WANTING PAYMENTS EACH MONTH EVEN THOUGH THEY SIGNED US UP UNDER THE IMPRESSION NO PAYMENTS WERE REQUIRED BEFORE GRADUATING AND WHILE ATTENDING CLASSES AND ME AND SOME OF THE STUDENTS DIDNT HAVE JOBS FOR PAYMENTS AND THEN THE SCHOOL WOULD THREATEN ME AND OTHER STUDENTS THAT WE COULDNT ATTEND CLASSES IF PAYMENTS OF MINE WERE $382 A MONTH THATS ALOT FOR SOMEONE UNEMPLOYED.STAF WOULD INCOURAGE US TO GET PAYMENTS FROM FAMILY AND /OR FRIENDS IF WE WANTED TO KEEP GOING TO CLASSES.SOME STUDENTS TOLD ME THEY FEARED GETTING KICKED OUT CUASE THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY FAMILY OR FRIENDS WHO COULD HELP THEM FINANCIALY OR WOULDNT HELP .ATTENEDING WYO TECH HAS RUIEND MY LIF FINANCIALY,FORCED TO BE ON HUMAN ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS &FOOD STAMPS,UN ABLE TO FIND ANY KIND OF JOB DUE TO IRS WAGE AND JUNCTION GARNISHMENTS.AND TAKING ANY KIND OF TAXES OR EARNED INCOME ID MAKE AND ANY TAX RETURNS STATE AND FERERAL ID HAVE COMING TO ME WOULD GET CONFINSCATED AN TILL PAYED IN FULL .THEY FORCED ME TO A LIFE I WANTED TO BETTER MY SELF AND GET MY SON BACK AND HAVE A GOOD EDUCATION IN A CARRER FEILD I ALREADY LOVED AND WAS GOOD AT.I STOPPED ATTENDING FOR PERSONAL REASONS AND HAVING NO CHOICE .I TURNED FOR YEARS INTO DOING DRUGS,HOMELESS,FELLING MORE WORTHLESS THAN I STARTED.MY REPUTATION PERSONALY AND CREDIT WORTHYNESS HAS BEEN RUINED BY ALL THIS FALSIFYING DEBT FROM WYO TECH AND THE US EDUCATION DEPARTMENT WHO WAS AWARE OF ALL THE DEBT AND FRUADED TACTICS GOING.ON BUT BECUASE CALIFORNIA LAWS SAY INTRAPMENT OF CITEZENS IN ANY WAY IS OK .BOTH THE COLLEGE AND FEDERAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT GET AWAY WITH ROBING CITEZENS TO NO END AT WHAT EVER WAY IS NECCISARY AND WHAT EVER COST SEEN FIT EVEN IF UN HUMAN AND 48 OTHER STATES SAY INTRAPPMENT IS ILLEAGAL CAKLIFORNIA IS THE SPEACIAL STATE THAT DIMERCRATES RUN AND OPPERATE SO ITS OK IF ITS UNLAWFULL WILL MAKE A LAW THAT SAYS ITS O.K TO TREAT PEOPLE THIS WAY TO PROFFIT OUR POCKETS &HERE I THOUGHT EDUCATION DEPARTMENT WAS MADE TO PROTECT AND BACK COLLEGE STUDENTS FROM COLLEGES MISSLEADING AND FRAUDING STUDENTS INTO DEBT .I COULD OF SWARE THAT WAS ONE REASON THEY MADE EDUCATION DEPARMENTS RAN AT FERAL LEVELS AND NOT STATE OR COUNTY LEVELS AND MAN ITS SURE FUNNY TO ME THE PERCENTAGE SCHOOL SHOOTING HAVE INCREASED OVER THE YEARS WHILE FERAL GOVERMENTS BEEN IN CHARGE OF AMERICAS COUNTY AND STATE SCHOOL EDUCATIONS TO STUDENTS

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