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Wynns Warranty

Wynns Warranty Phoenix They are not forthcoming with any information regarding the Warranty. They make mechanics jump through hoops and put in numerous hours of work in order to approve or deny a claim. They nit pick what they will and will not pay for leaving the shop/mechanic feeling that they will not be paid for the work that Wynns wants done in order to put the claim through. Miami Florida!!. This company is not forthcoming with any information relative to the consumers warranty. They will not discuss information with the Contract/Warranty holder only the mechanic and vice versa. They make the mechanics jump through ridiculous hoops or steps to put in a claim, leaving the mechanic with numerous hours of work when they know what the issue is and how to resolve it. Each time you call you have to speak to a different customer service or claims person, they won’t put you through to anyone higher up. I have been with out my car for close to 2 months because everytime the mechanic called to request an inspector come out the person on the line tells them to remove more parts from the engine. This Company claims they work with any and all licesnsed/state registered repair ship but because of there rediculous policies the mechanics don’t want to work with them, leaving us contract holders without recourse. The inspector finally came out to view the engine of my care in pieces all over the shop and the inspector asks the mechanic “Can you turn the car on”, the mechanic told him no and does not recommend it as it can cause further harm to the car. The inspector calls the Wynns claims department to tell them the car is apart, (as the mechanic was instructed to do) and can’t be turned on, he tells the mechanic the claims person wants to talk to him. The claims person insists the car be hooked up and turned on for the inspector to which the mechanic responds that, “if something goes wrong then the responsibility will belong to Wynns”. The claims rep told the mechanic “NO, It’s yours”!!! Again giving more cause for concern to the mechanic and me the car owner that the warranty company is not going to approve or pay for anything. Don’t know how this companies practice and procedures are legal? It’s a scam for sure, a shell game! I’ve reported them to the Better Business Bureau in Florida and Massachusetts as well as the Attorney Generals in both states. Nobody should have to wait this long for a car they just bought and is still paying on or even if owned out right to go through this causing the vehicle owner to be in a position of possibly losing their job because they don’t have their car to get there. This company is getting rich and I the little person is on the verge of losing everything.

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