Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Playtika 100% is rigged! Nevada!!. I have played thousands of hands of poker over the last almost 2 decades I’ve played poker. This website is UNBELIEVABLY & UNDENIABLY RIGGED. Without a DOUBT. I won 2 games immediately when I signed up for the website. The second I took money out I had nothing but bad beats. And when I say bad beats I mean LITERALLY getting called all in for $10k in chips with KK & being called by 34o PREFLOP & having the board run out 5678. I have lost with pocket kings more than 3 dozen times. Every time I have AA I get called PREFLOP by someone with a lower pair who hits a set or makes a 4 card flush/straight. EVERYTIME. The last 4 games I played I was knocked out when the other player hit a TWO OUTTER on the river. FOUR TIMES IN A ROW – ON THE RIVER. And this stupid stuff doesn’t happen until AFTER you have already added on the rebuy & add on. Then all of a sudden you will lose every single hand you have an 80% chance to win or more. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Here’s the real kicker. I will sign up for the freeroll & all of a sudden all of my hands hold up. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I get pockets Aces = I get 4 callers & I win. I play the tournament where I just paid $60 to play & I cannot get trip Aces to hold up on a dry board because it will ALWAYS give the 1-4 outter on the river to knock me out. This game is 100% rigged to redistribute wealth. They are taking from you to give to #1) New players – to create a false sense of being able to win on this website #2) people who have dumped a lot of money (and LOST A LOT OF MONEY) on the website & #3) either bots or WSOP employees that are there to take our money & redistribute. Here’s another thing. I’ve marked the sharks by looking them up on pokerprolabs & I mark them as sharks. When you sign up for the “ALL IN TOURNAMENTS” it is supposed to be random. I did one once – want to know the SHOCKER – all of the winners were sharks. And guess what – when you scroll down & look at all the losers? One or 2 sharks max. This website & their software is rigged. I’ve taken screenshots of all of the BS & when this scandal is exposed I hope everyone sues & we are able to get our money back. This is infuriating.

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