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Worldwide Vintage Autos Denver Colorado

Worldwide Vintage Autos Denver Colorado Disceptive practices. Undisclosed hazardous condition of vehicle sold. Unsafe vehicle. Denver Colorado!!. Bought a vintage vehicle from Worldwide Autos recently. Asked questions on as much as one could, including, but not limited to the following: Was not allowed to test drive vehicle although the engine was started only briefly as “fumes” were bothering the staff? Is the odometer accurate? Answer was yes. However the odometer does not begin to turn. Asked about the transmission. No problem was the answer given. Never noticed transmission oil nor engine oil on the floor as they wiped the floor everytime you turned away. Asked about the brakes. The staff stated, as well as the written description, that the vehicle had power brakes. it was stated the brakes were in good working condition and would stop on a dime. In reality it is extremely hard to press on the brakes and the vehicle barely stops at all!! The staff stated that they had replaced the battery. Well, thank you as the electrical system has a short in it! Battery dies overnight. Unbelievable. The transmission is shot as it grinds and vibrates and barely shifts. This will need to be replaced at a high cost. And the steering has a mind of it’s own! I could go on and on and on and on and on. But just read the other posts and you’ll get a really good idea on the type of crooked business Worldwide Autos of Denver is and the unbeiievably disceptive, nauseating, and toxic consumer relations they practice. Don’t try to contact me Worldwide ,as in the other posts, your actions are just fluffy BS. You have no intentions of fixing the issue as this experience with Worldwide has shown nothing but true crookedness. Nothing honest, but rather extreme deceit. The least I can do is warn others to shop elsewhere and to not trust this company as I stupidly did. Had I known these issues with the vehicle, I would not have bought it or at the very least I would have made a very low offer.

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