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World Web Creation

World Web Creation Web creation Told me they were part of theMicrosoft security team New York!!. On July 14th my computer was flashing red warning signs stating my computer had been attacked by a vicious virus & to call this number right away. I called. Was told they were part of the Microsoft Security Team. I let them in my computer to fix it for a fee of $100.00 or buy the protection plan for 3 yrs for $399.00. I bought it. Since then I have been getting calls from John the computer guy asking how my computer was doing. I say ” It’s fine”. As each week would by I was getting calls from United States, New York, Tennessee and other phonr numbers. i called John the computer guy to complain that I didn’t sign up to be bortherd with all the calls & sure enough, a call came thru from this outfit. I ask John that the heck is going on with U guys. John knows I’m not Tech savvy and kept telling me it’s for protection! He said there’s a malware and needed to get in my computer to see that was going, even though my computer was fine. After an hour, he called me back and said my computer is safe but he noticed my Microsoft warranty was due. And for $299.00 for a lifetime on my computer. Now I was watching my computer while he was working on it & notice there was a Bluebird site that came up and that is nothing I did as never visited or sign up for. I call immediately called John to ask what are you doing! He said don’t worry about it. I just took his word not to worry. I would continue to get calls, I didn’t answer as I had told them to text me or lesve a message & they don’t. I think it was 10/26/18 my computer freezing up so I called them to fix the problem. I let them in. Now this person ( forgot his name ) is telling me about Microsoft warranty has expired 2 months ago. Now wanting more money. I don’t have it! Now I’m crying!!! I already paid it! He said that I paid for external software (399.00), the 2nd charge was internal software ( 299.00). I told him I would call him as I had to borrow the money. Now I’m locked out of my computer. On my phone I went to “Snopes” and found out these people are scammers!! I took my Computer to a certified computer services and had it fix. The Tech guy said YES I was Hacked & scamed!!! The Web Creation continues to call me even after I said I don’t have that computer no More. I have told to take me off their calling list & do not call me. They continue to call me almost daily!! I’m trying to disputed the charges on Credit Card.

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