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World Funding Solutions

World Funding Solutions Capital Sky Funding, Incredible Credit, Increditable Score, Ernie Ortega, Ernesto Ortega Said he could settle my student loans but did not fulfill his contract and has taken my 6500 Miami, Florida!!. Ernie Ortega posses under several business and is currently posing under world funding solutions. He is a fraud and when he frauded me, he was using Capital Sky Funding. Actually if you go to his Instagram page for World Funding Solutions and click email, the capital sky funding email is still there. He contacted me claiming that he works with several student loan comanpanies and had experience in settled student loan debt. He assured me that he knew what he was doing and would prove it to me. He wrote a contact but I was skeptical because the contract had 2-3 different addresses on it. He paid my student loan lending anyway without me signing the contract with him to prove to me that he was real so I felt obligated to pay him the settled cost of 6500. On the 5th day of my student loans being paid, I went ahead and wired this 6500 to his boss named Carmen Navarro. He waited until maybe the 9th day and stopped the payment that he made towards my student loan and rejected it. Now he has my 6500. This is wire fraud and is a scam, do not fall for anything he says.

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