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Phone: what gives you the impression you won't get paid along with everyone else or what what you're classifying as ""excuses""

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WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP / REVOLUTION FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DID NOT PAY FOR WORK PERFORMED Johns Creek GA!!. In Dec 2017, Agent # 42IUX hired me to be his Base Shop Coordinator, I worked 3 weeks in December. He was to pay me on December 22 for 2 weeks of work and then every 2 weeks thereafter. He called me on December 22 to tell me all of his teams business was rejected due to a change that his entire team was unaware of and so he was not getting paid until after the 1st. He lead me to believe he was going to pay me $1,000 per week and told me on December 22 that he could only pay me $500 for those 3 weeks I worked. After a lengthy conversation ad me telling Chris I could not work the hours he was needing for only $500 per week, we settled on $1,000 after the first of the year. We kept in contact as he was working on a lead program that was u201cGoing to make him millions this yearu201d (His words) and there would be no problem paying me at that point. The first of February we spoke again about me terms of working as his BSC and I asked him u201cHow confident are you that you will be able to pay me weekly?u201d His exact words u201c100% sure, with this new program my entire team will be making money.u201d So, I started working on this project for him (literally working from 7 am u2018 12/1 am). February 16th, he was suppose to pay me $2,000, but he sent me a text saying he opened a new bank account and his money was on hold (I believed this as I know this happens when you open a new account and put a check in for a lot of money). I was told the first hold would be released on February 26th and the rest on March 5th and from that point on I would be paid consistently. On February 27th he sent a text saying that Tayo cancelled a policy and he was not getting paid (not sure what that had to do with the money he had in the bank and promised to pay me from). Apparently, he lied about having all of that money in the bank pending release. Long story short, it is April 25th and I still have not been paid. One might ask u201cWhy did you work with him so long?u201d My husband was an agent with WFG at the time and I was referred to him by a guy we worked with in our previous business, so I trusted him that the money was there and it was just waiting to be released. Every time I ask about my money, Chris sends me several pages of text messages about how the money will come with the leads being worked and it just takes time and he just doesnu2019t understand how I could quit on him and not fight through the storm. Well, I told him upfront that since my husband was just getting started in the business and not making money yet, that I needed a job that could pay me weekly (I did not agree to work based on when he would receive HIS commission and I was VERY upfront before taking on this project). He agreed to pay me weeklyu2026not based on when HE got paid, but weekly. I spoke to his upline, Hanna Horenstein, who assured me I would get paid (this was back in March), to this day, April 30, I have written his upline Hanna Horenstein again as well as WFG Corporate office and have not so much as received a courtesy response back. This tells me they don’t care how their Agents treat their employees. These are the various responses and lies (over the course of 45days) I get when I ask when he’s going to pay me: I’m sorry for, yet, another misunderstanding apparently: I let you just spend last week preparing to make money. The money will come from the lead program and we haven’t even started yet. Just try to make sure we’re up to speed from day one. So, I said two weeks, meaning, two weeks from the day you start, which was yesterday. I thought I was clear from the beginning that you were being paid from the lead program. We’re getting the leads tomorrow. I’m not sure what you mean by it not looking promising. This is what we are preparing for now. It’s a little short of a notice to let me know the day before you’re pulling out. Just like you said you had planned to work, if I didn’t have you in place, I had planned to look for a full time Base Shop Coordinator to have in place for the beginning of the lead program. I didn’t have you to start last week so that you and Chip could work to get through the training, so he could make money from the leads and you from this portion from day one of the lead program. I don’t have time to replace you by tomorrow. That placed all of us in a tough position. I have agents in 13 states, so we’re getting leads from 13 states. No can’t manage that without a BSC. That’s like quitting the day before the grand opening. That’s going to affect everyone and it’s an almost impossible position to place me in. So, if you misunderstood and expected to get paid this Friday, by starting yesterday, that means you get paid next Friday. I don’t know your situation, but seeing the program starts this week, will the difference of one week alter things by that much? Did I not say when the lead program began, that’s what would find the position? We’re literally getting the leads tomorrow, so I’m not sure what your uncertainty is based on. When you asked me last week what day you were getting started, I thought you understood then, you hadn’t been working yet, because you were completing the Advisorist training. That’s all coming from the same place. We haven’t made money yet. That’s why I went with Vanillasoft, because it gave me a 30 free trial. I was ensuring we would be ready from day one without incurring expense. Once we start making money from this program it won’t ever stop again. This is what Joe and I were communicating on the call last night. It’s going to get a little out of hand. We’re working now to organize to manage the chaos! I haven’t made money in 2018 in preparation for this moment when we will make up for anything we lost leading up to it. We will make 3-4x’s what we made in 2017, so I’ve just been working to get us ready to fully capitalize on everything from the start. That way we won’t lose out in revenues we would have made if we had been more organized. Once we begin, NO ONE will have any cash flow gaps. Like…ever! Btw, the funds will be released on the 26 and March 5, so I will send you the other $1000 on Monday and then $2000 on the 5th. From that point forward, it will be consistent. Then, then the first significantly large cycle we have, I will include the remaining $1500 I owe you along with your regular pay. Then, we’ll be caught up. I’m sure that will happen in March. Sorry for the inconvenience. I was not aware that would happen, but I never deposited that much at once before to a new account. They said they won’t hold it like this next time. Not sure. But still meeting with my friends over the next couple of days to secure the other funds. I will keep you posted. I’m going to ensure we’re funded! Then, the grow we produce in the next couple of weeks will create a cushion so a budget this tight will be a thing of the past. Really tired, but I am working on interviewing these teams before I go to bed. I am going to get this stabilized. You’re the overall coordinator for the overall Baseshop and it’s my responsibility. Ryan has a base shop coordinator, too. Things just didn’t time out, mainly, due to out not getting the leads that were originally scheduled for MID-DECEMBER, so there’s that. Instead they came TWO MONTHS after we expected them and I’m not sure why, but that threw everything off. So, everything I have done has been in response to that not coming when it was scheduled to come, but still working like it was coming at each deadline that was missed for two months. Well, that created a bind for me, because I had to prepare as though we had income, yet without income. So, I have been finding things out of my own pocket so far. ALL of it. But, hopefully, you see how much we’re going to all make literally within a matter of a few weeks. Probably as soon as the week after next, when Ryan gets through a lot of appointments and all of the agents begin taking their own appointments. As I told you before, soon we will see $20K months and by the end of the year, we will all be at $50-$100K months! So, what we are really looking at is just carrying this for a couple of weeks. I sent an email this morning to one of the people on my list for $20K. I am confident I will have what I need in a few days. I apologize that this is affecting you. I solved the problem last week and we should have had $7500 this week outright. But Tyo caused that to get eaten. When she replaces the money in her policy in a day or two, we get that back, as well. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience and work. We’re all going to harvest from all the hard work we’ve planted soon! I understand you frustration. I am, too. You will be caught up by Monday if we just keep working like it’s coming. That will be why it comes next week and then comes every week. I know it doesn’t help, but up to now, I haven’t gotten paid either. But, I am encouraged, because have experienced how fast it comes once we set regular solid appointments. Think about the fact that for every three appointments that show for FNA’s, etc., one will pay. When every agent has 3 appointments a week and then 3 a day, it’s going to be crazy. Until then, I will cover you. Again, I had it covered this week, but one of my agents did something stupid that screwed up all of us, just because she didn’t bother t communicate with HER agent, even though she herself is an experienced agent. That was just dumb! That’s why you didn’t get paid yesterday. I had $4500 becoming available yesterday, then another $3000 tomorrow that she wiped out! SMH Believe me, I am frustrated about that as much or more than you. Yet, I am still working it out to keep everything going. That’s what entrepreneurs do. Problems arise and I solve them. I am solving this one now. I’ll get you caught up. Let’s just keep working like it’s coming and it will happen. That’s how I made $300K last year and will make over $1M this year. So, will you two! It’s just taken time to get to this point. Now, that everything is in place, it won’t take long. You will see next week when Ryan’s calendar opens up for multiple appointments a day. The following week is when it all starts to pick up. By the next week, it will be great! In a month, it will be crazy! FYI, on the phone with Tyo and her attorney renegotiated and she got a settlement of $20K instead of $12K. This is all working out!! Crystal that major chargeback last week through off my ENTIRE budget, which was very tight before that. I told you I had some other things in the works and that one of my guys would come through. Well, he did. It just so happens that he sold an investment property that closes today. He is loaning me money for my business, not as much as I asked, but enough to get you the $3K told you I was aiming for. I am waiting to hear back from him this morning about how quickly the money will transfer, but this is guaranteed. As soon as it closes, records and the money is wired to him, he’s sending it to me and I will send to you. I will keep you updated. I am SO VERY sorry to have contributed to this situation, Crystal, but I appreciate your being flexible and resourceful , so we can keep things rolling! You’ll have your salary as soon as that process is completed. As long as we maintain the progress we’re making, soon the business will produce at a level to more than accommodate all of our needs! Heading into meetings soon. Thanks for your patience and, again, I will keep you posted! I am the one who should apologize. Things happened beyond my control, but that doesn’t matter, because you’re depending on your check being consistent to handle your business and it’s my job to ensure it is. I understand you had to do what you had to do. All will be consistent very soon. You’re seeing the progress and your a driving force why we’re making such progress, so again, I appreciate your resilience and loyalty to the team to continue to build together a legacy for all of our families! Yes, there was a slight delay from Monday, but that’s handled now and he’s just waiting on the transfer. Should happen any day now. I’m sorry for the delay. I need it to come in, too, for multiple business related deadlines. I will update ASAP. It was supposed to close Monday, but the lender had not sent the payoff from his requesting it three weeks ago! Murphy’s Law, I guess. Coming soon though. Today is the last day for the buyer to deposit the funds so I hope to get news today. I will let you know as soon as I know. I wish I had heard something already, but I am eagerly expecting good news! He knows how important this is and the urgency, so as soon as it breaks he’ll let me know and I will relay the good news! I’m trying to work out the transfer. His wife had a death in the family, so I am trying to be respectful. We are workin through it now before the banks close. Contact you later this evening. Trying to make sure they don’t hold the funds again He didn’t make the deposit, because he was with Family until after the banks closed. Hopefully, today. It’s delicate with the death of a near relative. He knows we need it, so I’m sure it will be today. That’s why I had to postpone the meeting, because Joe and Ryan weren’t available and I was trying to ensure the funds got transferred in a way they would be immediately available. We just ran out of time. Still tied waiting to hear from him. Again, they had a death and his family is experiencing some other personal challenges this week, but not financial. We are all waiting on this transfer, but I encourage continued patience. We’ll get it in soon and we’re already working on the next funding to ensure we have no further lapses. I know it’s tough, but we have to be patient. Everyone and every family experiences grief differently. I must give him a little more time. The good news is once it comes, we will be good from then going forward! Not sure why “tied”” is in there. Still waiting… Did you mean to leave the Facebook group today? Yes

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