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Wisconsin Singles

Wisconsin Singles Match Spent a lot of money ($2,500 + 12% financing) for 6 dates that did not go past the dinner table (or coffee table) date. Middleton Wisconsin!!. I signed up for the dating service online, and then read that they will call me. I drove to the office, and had a meeting with a really nice guy that told me his selling pitch. After an hour, he told me the price, $5,000 or more ! I said I can’t afford that. He said, ok, I will cut that in half for you. to $2,500. I said I still can’t afford that. Then he says they can finance the payments at $100/ month. I had to give him a check for $500, then they would finance the rest. I went on 1 date each month for 6 months. Each time, they would call me, with the phone number of the woman and tell me to call her. I was to talk only for 5 minutes, and arrange a date. I would meet each date at a location that we would agree on. A coffee shop, a Mexican resteraunt, a cafe’, etc. After each date I had, the woman said they did not want to go on any more dates with me. I was told I was too short, not a good match, etc. Then, after the dates, I was to call the toll free number, report to the California match makers and they would find me another match. After the 6 date, the company asked me to continue, which I said I can’t afford and was not happy about the results. They talked me into it at an even lower price. I called them the next day to cancel, and was told it would take 10 days to cancel the account and refund my downpayment. I finally got the downpayment back. I am VERY UNHAPPY with this company. If they are so good at their job, why after 6 differant women, couldn’t they find me someone to date more than one time? I want a refund of money paid and cancel the rest of the loan.

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