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WIRELESS ADVOCATES, Inside COSTCO Summerlin, Christian or Andrew Overpromise and UNDER-DELIVERED…. LIED about promotions Las Vegas NV Nevada!!. This WIRELESS ADVOCATES is a kiosk inside of the Summerlin Costco and I CANNOT STRESS enough to avoid this place like the PLAGUE. It warrants NO STARS. While I ALWAYS walk passed these people (for good reason) I stopped to see what type of deals they had on phones… Ended up switching from T-MOBILE to SPRINT. BIG MISTAKE… This process not only took 3 hours to complete, from porting lines and getting the phones set up, but the associate Christian, wrote down all of the promotions we qualified for. That is the ONLY reason we switched over… Under the SPRINT promotions, we were told that we would receive ALL of the following: $200 COSTCO cash card for Veterans $300 in credits for belonging to a credit union FREE HULU FREE AAA renewal FREE 64gig chip for EACH phone 25,000 airline miles When we got home and got online to redeem ALL of the offers, we were told (through email and on the phone) that we only qualify for ONE of the $200/$300 or AIRLINE miles… They do not combine ANY of the offers that were promised. We would have to choose ONE. Well, this was unacceptable as we would never have switched over in the first place. While we were in process of switching the phones over, Christian wrote ALL of these promotions down on a sheet of paper, so, we went back to the kiosk, we told Christian what happened. He said he’d NEVER had anyone come back with issues. He apologized and offered to switch us back to our carrier… (WHICH TOOK 3 HOURS TO BEGIN WITH) We spoke to the kiosk mgr, Andrew, and he also stated that we cannot combine offers. Christian looked up the promotions in front of us, and realized that you could NOT combine the offers!!! WHAT??! Escalated this to the manager of COSTCO to get it rectified, and it’s taken 3 LONG WEEKS and numerous calls to get anything done…. The manager at Costco has ZERO control of what’s happening, and really cannot do anything at this point, as it’s in the hands of Sprint. I cannot STRESS enough to you to KEEP WALKING BY these kiosks. They’re GARBAGE. I have not heard ANY positive experiences with these places. They are IN EVERY Costco too, which almost makes me want to cancel my membership after this fiasco.

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