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Winn Remodeling

Winn Remodeling Rod Winn scam Sheetrock Work – he sits around while scary figures totally incompetent do the work. Houston Texas!!. I have never dealt with a less professional incompetent contractor hired because he comes across as a nice guy but shoould have clued in when he hand wrote the bid/contract on a standard kinko’s form w/o the company name printed on it. I have no experience and learned a HomeAdvisor recommended contractor would have cost me half. He basically lived here with a broken down truck for three weeks on a three day job and I had to follow and inspect every step of his work. i told him that the patchwork from damage caused by electricians in a recent rewire woule need to match the texture. He verbally agreed but had to tell a guy who never did a sheetrock repair in his life to stretch tape over the hole then smear putty on it. It looks like crap now I have to spend again what I paid him to do the job in the first place. I would sue him tomorrow if he weren’t judgement proof asking to rent my Mercedes weeks after I got him out of here. If you hire this guy after reading this I’m just too pissed to sit here and type EVERY SINGLE THING I HIRED HIM TO DO MUST BE REDONE. Call him if you are crazy and want to watch your property value go downt he drain. Does not have a bank account must write to his girlfriend. DISASTER

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