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Wingman Transportation logistics

Wingman Transportation logistics Wingman transportation Wingman transportation and Did not pay me Chicago Illinois!!. I completed my delivery 2 weeks ago at a company that turned around and told the brokers that the delivery company (mine) which is called Wingman transportation Logistics driver took a poop outside their company and left the area Which isnu2019t true because I have it all on dash cam what I did but the moment that I got there in the morning to the moment I got unloaded to the time that I left it looks like the company is trying to make excuses not to pay the broker so the broker didnu2019t want to pay my company now since I was tired of me being blamed for something I never do nor did I decided I cannot work for this guy anymore and decided to go home he supposed to pay me last Friday and now it seems like heu2019s punishing me for something I never did and he was supposed to pay me today Friday October 19 , after I repeatedly sent him text messages all week when are you paying me and he kept repeating me your payment today Friday itu2019s already 7:32 PM on a Friday and yet he has not paid me I believe heu2019s never going to pay me because heu2019s trying to rip me off . I told him Iu2019m getting very sick and tired of me being blamed for something I didnu2019t do if the company doesnu2019t have a video of me actually taking a poop around their company they should not sit there and start blaming us as a company let alone the driver when I have all the proof in the world. And I donu2019t need that I have a portable toilet in my truck if I had to go poop at the moment when I was there I just gone back of my truck which is very easily to do and go poop I donu2019t need to go poop in public which is nasty and very disgusting and I donu2019t even litter top of that. What I like to do is to my company for defamation of character. Thereu2019s laws against blaming somebody when you donu2019t have proof.

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