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WILLIAMSBURG TOWNHOMES SCAM ME OUT OF 80 DOLLARS Garland texas!!. Showed me and my family the apartment, the floor was very weak upstairs… we brushed it off… went outside he said it was ready for immediate move in..he said the app was 80 dollars that it took him atleast 2 days to respond so we paid him we left… days later after doing research i quickly learned it was all a scam from the beginning & that he had no intention on actually renting us the place, so i decided call him to see if he will give you the same response he gave everyone else…. and ill be d***** he did ..he said we had this and that on our background and credit when we knew it was a lie… he needs to take his a** back to russia simply because us americans dont play about our money especially when we are at our lowest… if he keeps on i cant see this going well for him in the future… he is going to get himself hurt because its certain things you just cant do period.He needs to be shutdown & deported.

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