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William Erler

William Erler William Erler My Dream Car From Car Max Was A Ordeal Buena Park California!!. Hello: when I was 13 I begin stripping corvettes of undercoating’s so could earn money and purchase donuts and other things my family was very poor. I am also a first gulf veteran and have a severe case of emphysema that is causing me to slowing die. My dream for the last forty years was to launch a business, meet the love of my life and purchase a Corvette. My prayers haven been answered. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. The third Debra well that’s a Carmax Nightmare. Should have occurred but Carmax stood in the way of this dying guy’s last wishes. It also started in early December when I contacted the Buena Park Carmax. You see there is a tradition of naming your car and this Corvette is Debra. The problem Debra has problems that Buena Park never told me about. I think Carmax Buena Park knew about this seal problem where the oil leaks only at high speed but not when the car is driven a lot initially. Keep in mind that Shall I go on. When I got to Car Max Ontario that I was referred to I spend 2 hours driving and meet the Used Car Salesman of the year. His name was Victor Cohen and his manager Rene. Peas in a Pod I tell you. I got there just in time for my appointment and Victor made my way to take someone that just walked and barked for me to find the Corvette myself. Rene, the manager, was contacted and I pointed at someone and said can he help. Rene berated me very loudly and said donu2019t be rude. Victor stated the following over the course my visit: 1) Your name is Erler; you don’t even know your last name. This is a reference to my being Jewish and why don’t I have a Jewish name like Victor Cohen. 2) Victor stated to my Fiancu00e9 when I was not there that I was a piece of s***. 3) I need to learn how to buy a car there’s nothing to get upset about. 4) He said how do I make all that money and my DMV tags are not renewed. After berating me publicly he demanded I return the next day and did not offer to transport the vehicle to a local Buena Park Store from Ontario. 5) He also gave lessons to my fiancu00e9 about how to cover up her cigarette smoke. I contacted Buena Park directly and had them transport the car. I received my car in early and was very excited. In over a month’s time because of my health, I have driven approximately 400 miles based on my health. After the time and effort on my part, I decided to transport the car to Buena Park. I accepted the Debra early December, and she was magnificent. Well, I know CarMax indicated that they changed the oil but I thought Debra needed so I took her to the local oil change place and they she had no oil in her. Well needless to say they insulted me but Debra now no one messes with Debra. I had complained to CarMax customer relations about the Salesman of the Year Victor Cohen and nothing was done. Now I have a vehicle that has the possibility of exploding I felt uncomfortable. I proceeded over the next two days getting nowhere. I offered to take the car a Corvette Stingray Z51 into a Chevrolet dealer, and the answer was no. So here I am frustrated, unable to drive my vehicle being uncomfortable. Thanks, Carmax for the lousy service, insults, and a sickly Debra. She could have a car, but now she may blow of on me.

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