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They don’t know how to run a pediatric clinic

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18 September 2019

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It was our first time going to a dental clinic together and my son didn’t know what to expect from dental treatment.
We entered the reception area anxious for examinations and had to wait for an hour to see the dentist. A quick routine check and cleaning caused pain and sore gums to my son’s mouth.
A simple routine check caused pain to my son’s first experience at the dentist. It isn’t that issue I faced at Wild About Smiles! Pediatric Dentistry.
There’re no smiles from the employees and a few assistants to help in the dentist room. I sat close to my son during the procedure to make his dental care feel comfortable and relaxed.
I had to leave immediately after the procedure to get back home to comfort my son.
The experience traumatized my son to visit other dentists. He won’t visit any dentist from that painful experience.
The ordeal taught me to search for other practices to have a professional dental team perform dental care for us.
Rude and unprofessional staff didn’t attend to my son’s needs and didn’t give us the best patient care. We didn’t get what we came for at Wild About Smiles! Pediatric Dentistry.
I took my child to an unprofessional dental team and didn’t get what we paid for from this terrible experience. They aren’t good at what they offer to kids and I won’t go there again!
I didn’t know what to expect from the assistant and the hygienist.
They guaranteed us the appointment at the practice, and everything started as we arrived at the practice. The appointment wasn’t scheduled as planned and the long wait for our turn added frustration to the long wait in the reception area.
This made our trip to the dentist uncomfortable and unpleasant. The unfriendly staff didn’t show interest in my son’s painful moment.
I don’t recommend Wild About Smiles Pediatric Dentistry from our painful experience at the practice.
The staff doesn’t make appointments to suit the patients’ schedule. It is unfair to patients to wait for an appointment for weeks or months at times.
Prices are high and aren’t affordable by the insurance company or for our pockets.
The bright light in the dentist room hurts the eyes. No assistant got up to calm my son from that bright light.
The dental treatment for kids Is not considered and it makes kids feel scared and uncomfortable in the moment of treatment.
I didn’t see professionalism in the dental care or in-patient care.
A dentist shows care and professionalism during all treatments in our case, we didn’t get that from Wild About Smiles! Pediatric Dentistry. I didn’t have a service from the practice that made me smile, or pleased. The office and other areas aren’t super clean. Rooms need improvement for patients.
A challenge for kids to visit Wild About Smiles! Pediatric Dentistry.
There’s no comfort, no communication skills, and no patience with kids during procedures. I didn’t appreciate the bad service from staff and the neglect to patient care from this practice.

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