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Wilber & Associates, P.C., Attorneys at Law

Wilber & Associates, P.C., Attorneys at Law kenneth L Wilber, Christine Chance, Marc Lane, Patrick Light, Nicole Messamore, David Churchill Scandalous, Practicing out of state, False incidents, Liars, Scam Artist, Working in Volume from internet info Normal Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**!!. An out of state “attorney” called me a few month ago alleging I had been involved in a car accident the previous October and owed $1001.03 to their ‘client’. They did not have the name that my DL is under, my car, my job, etc, all they had is the last name associated with a short marriage 20 years ago. They alleged the incident was in Tempe, a nearby city I do not ever go to. They had no make and model of my vehicle, or the alleged victims, no reasoning of how they got their number, and just nothing. Now I have letters with the same BS, just a date, city name, and amount to send the check for. Problems with this are 1. When I do drive, I drive insured, and safely, I have not been in a car accident since 2003, and that was the other driver’s fault. 2. I have not been to or through Tempe in years. 3. I do not like to drive, so my husband drives and the car I travel in is his. So how did I cause damages to a car when I was not driving, not in Tempe, and why would that person only have a name that internet SS knows me by but is not anything I would use as proof of identification. Who is this mystery, person? What did they drive? Where is the damage? What was I allegedly driving? They have NO answers to these questions. ALso, all their listed ‘attorneys’ and the states next to their names, well NONE of them are listed as being licensed to practice law in my state, AZ. “a complete resolution will be achieved if you submit payment for the current claim amount listed above”. Not falling for it.

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