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Whiting Veterinary Clinic

Whiting Veterinary Clinic Hostile work environment and incompetent negligent staff Whiting New Jersey!!. If you want a successful career in the veterinary field, DO NOT work here. The staff is incompetent, rude, aggressive, unprofessional, and hostile. During my time here I was subjected to bullying, belittling, and ridiculing. I was verbally attacked by a co-worker while the weasel, snake, “administratoru201d who also happens to be the owners husband stood by, listened and did nothing to intervene. During my time there the “administratoru201d also felt it was ok to make random comments concerning African Americans since they didnu2019t employ any. The lead tech/supervisor is non responsive to complaints of bullying by other employees. In the last two months 3 employees have resigned due to this hostile work environment created by one of their receptionists, the lead tech, and the doctor herself who Iu2019ve been told doesnu2019t fire people but instead “will make someone so miserableu201d so that they are forced to resign (this Iu2019ve witnessed firsthand). The lead tech recently ODu2019d a dog with sedative and tried to place the blame on another employee although it was clearly and unequivocally her fault due to her incompetence, that caused the almost fatal error. I was forced to resign due to this environment and upon receiving my final paycheck saw that they had taken the liberty of deducting funds for services provided for my pet which I have proof I paid for and forwarded to them. I asked them for their proof but they chose to ignore my request. To sum it up ….. This is a horrible place to work at or to bring your pets for veterinary care and should not be in business. The shoddy business practices, errors, “pass the bucku201d mentality, rudeness towards clients, bad attitudes, and hostility towards co workers is the standard here.

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