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Whites Performance and Machine

Whites Performance and Machine Dealing with White’s Performance and Machine from Kingsport, TN was the worst part of building my racecar. Kingsport Tennessee!!. Dealing with Whiteu2019s Performance and Machine from Kingsport, TN was the worst part of building my racecar. I ordered the 383CI 562HP SBC package from Whites in February 2018. Clint, the sales clerk quoted me an eight to ten-week lead-time from the date of the order. I had one special request, an oil pan that would fit my 2018 COT NASCAR. I paid the deposit in full on the day I ordered and the remainder of the $6900 balance less than 30 days later. In the back of my mind, I figured they would push my build through faster with it paid in full. I was mistaken. At the eight-week mark, I called to get an estimate on the ship date since my car is at a shop hundreds of miles away. The new office girl stated it would be two more weeks before they could ship it. Thatu2019s when the lies started. Every two weeks it was either ready to ship the next week or waiting for a part to arrive. Around the 18 weeks mark, I started communicating with the owner over Facebook and let him know my displeasure. He assured me that he would u201cget to the bottom of the issueu201d and get the engine out ASAP. Two weeks went by without any communication from Whites. I called again and heard the engine was ready but it u201chad more honing to dou201d. An hour after hearing about the u201cadditional honingu201d on a finished engine, the shop manager called me to come clean. The engine was not together, it was not finished, it wasnu2019t started and they didnu2019t even have the block in stock to get started. The news came 20 weeks after Iu2019d already paid for the engine that would take eight to ten weeks. In the time I waited, Whiteu2019s Performance and Machine posted close to 100 383-dyno videos on YouTube. Mine has never appeared on YouTube even though they supposedly ran my engine on the dyno. Whiteu2019s compensation for my delay was a dyno run that never posted. Whiteu2019s Performance and Machine delivered my engine 27 weeks after I placed the order. For 19 weeks, they lied to me repeatedly for a paid in full product they didnu2019t even have the parts to build.

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