What a Girl Wants (Maggie's Presence)

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What a Girl Wants (Maggie's Presence) | Rude Owne

My mother and I were having a lovely day shopping in Merrickville, Ontario when we came across the store What a Girl Wants (Maggie’s Presence). I have an 11-month old daughter who we were pushing in an umbrella stroller. When we approached the entrance to the shop an older man greeted us at the door. Initially I thought he greeted us to help us in – I was wrong. He rudely said, “We do not allow strollers in this store. It’s fire code. Goodbye” and closed the door on us.We were shopping on a weekday. It was not busy in the town. If he did turn us away because of a fire code then all of the other tiny shops in that town would be breaking the law. That was the only store that turned us away because I was pushing a stroller. We later spoke of our incident with another shop owner who told us that he has turned away people for various reasons – from having a walker to holding a bottle of water. She has heard many complaints. The worst thing about it is that he is the shop owner. I cannot believe a shop owner would turn away customers during an economic downturn. My mother and I were looking forward to shopping in that store, but will never again set foot in an establishment that discriminates against someone because they are pushing a stroller.I am responsible for my child and I know she would not touch anything in any store. Apparently the owners of What a Girl Wants (Maggie’s Presence) feels a need to judge me and my child and therefore I will make sure people know that the owner is rude and apparently picks and chooses who he allows to shop in his store.

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