Westervelt College

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Westervelt College | Beware!

This place is effed. I went in and had to sit through the sales-shpeel and get the tour only to be told they had no open spots for me. Gardiner said he’d get an update and call me the next day. 10 days later I called only to have him say “Oh yeah, we have a few spaces open for that.” I figured it was all part of their antiquated sales techniques. So he asks me to come in and sign papers and get the letter of acceptance I need for funding. I sign everything but there’s no letter of acceptance. Call tomorrow. The next day I go in at 3 in the afternoon and there’s no letter of acceptance yet, nobody’s in the office to sign it.These are serious red flags. They need to get rid of this used-car salesman and get somebody else in there, he’s not just unprofessional, he’s downright CREEPY.I’ve decided I’d rather not attend school if this place is my option.

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