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22 September 2019

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After using my SUV for more than 2 years continuously, I figured it was time to get the tires of the vehicles replaced. I cannot even count how many short as well as trips I have taken in the car. I realized it was time to get the tires replaced with new ones when one day, I almost met with an accident because the tires were slippery. I asked some friends for suggestions on where to get new tires. I was willing to bear any expense as long as the quality of the tires were at par with the price. One of the places suggested was West Coast Tire and Service. To my surprise, they have a fancy website. I saw an option on the very first page for scheduling an appointment. I did not waste any time and schedule an appointment. A date was assigned to me.
I went to the place on the day of the appointment. Although the place looked okay, there was not anyone who approached me for helping me out. I tried asking one of the staff members but it seemed he was in a hurry as he ignored my loud “excuse me”. I had no option but to wait. I finally saw a salesperson who was idle and approached him since I had already wasted more than half an hour waiting. I told the salesperson about my tire requirements. I wanted to replace the old ones with new, durable tires suitable for off-roading. I wanted tires with a good grip. After listening to me, the salesperson started showing me all the options that were available at the place. I could not help but notice that all the tires that were being shown to me had one thing in common – they were insanely expensive. He was adamant that I go for the most expensive ones as he kept convincing me of their quality and performance. At first, I was doubtful of the tires but after being assured of their quality, I decided to go for it. My only request to them was to be careful while installing the tires since I did not want any scratches or any kind of damage to be inflicted upon the car. After getting huge loads of assurance from the salesperson, I was convinced about the quality of the service I was going to get. After paying the full amount, I came back home.
After getting a call from the place, I reached the place to collect my vehicle with new tires. When I saw the car, I noticed that some damage had been inflicted during the process of the installation of new tires. There were evident scratches on the car. I decided to ignore it and left the place in my car.
It had not been even a month when the new tires got all slippery. It was disappointing and frustrating for me. I cursed myself for going to West Coast Tire and Service. I would not recommend anyone to go to that place unless he or she wants to throw away their money on shitty products.

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