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West coast mechanical Tyler Treherne

West coast mechanical/Trevor Treherne Bad mechanic.ripped my girlfriend and I off New Westminster British Columbia!!. Anyone that uses West coast mechanical as a mechanic is crazy. They are a bunch of liars. Tyler Treherne was suppose to fix all the leaks on my truck, fix my starter,(which I paid him cash to fix almost 2 years ago. I’m gone through 7 starters and 3 flywheels since) and he said he was gonna put on a new exhaust. All this for trade for a custom sign for him. $2000 worth of work. So what he did is undercoated my truck(which wasn’t in the deal) and put headers on. He tried to fix my starter, but made it worse. Gave me truck back running, but starter conked out a week later.when he dropped it off he said he’d be back again in a week to put the new exhaust on, 6 months later no exhaust. I still have leaks and have to change the motor now because of what he did to engine block where the starter bolts. He used JB weld to try and fix a crack on the block, made it worse. Also he had my truck for 8 months. Didn’t install a electric fuel pump that was part of the deal.In the last 2 years I gave him over $4000 in cash and made him a bar table, stools,($1000) 4-5 Chevy signs,($400) a West coast mechanical sign($2000), plus gave him a motor stand, car dollies, a battery booster pack. All traded for work on my truck, which most of it wasn’t done. He also did shoty work on my girlfriend, Donna M Anthony’s truck. Charged her $10000 to fix rearend,(which he sent to Bert’s to have done). He was suppose to fix her trailer brake also. He wired it in wrong and it blow as we were leaving on vacation. Had to pay $500 to travelland RVs to install a new one. He fixed her heated seat and now it won’t turn off, have to get that fix now. All his work she has to get redone. He told me that he would give Donna money back but hasn’t pulled through with that. He also never gave us any receipts. Donna had to hound him for one and he gave her one for the rear-end only. If I were you, I would stay well away from these guys. This is the sign I made for him. It about 4ft.x4ft. light changes color and has a remote. Tyler came by and seen the sign and said he loved it, he was super excited when he seen it. Now I have a sign I have no use for.

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